Saturday, December 8, 2012

Making Decisions - Sunday Sermon

Making Decisions  - Sunday Sermon for This Week.

Have you ever faced a decision that left you wondering what was the right thing to do under the circumstances?  Of course you have.  That was really a silly question.  The Bible gives us guidelines and boundaries regarding what we are NOT supposed to do and what we ARE supposed to do.  But there are some things that may be allowed but sometimes don’t seem quite right.  I recommend this sermon by John MacArthur titled ‘Making the Hard Decisions Easy’.  You can read it or listen to it.  It is interesting and helpful.

A wonderful song that goes well with this sermon is
All the Way My Savior leads Me’

This son was written by a blind woman named Fanny Cosby who wrote many well-known and precious hymns.

‘I Am Thine Oh Lord’ is another great hymn.
Remember music is more powerful than anything except the love of God.
An old fashioned hymnal is second only to the Bible in importance in a Christians life. 

Have a blessed weekend.


A note from Barbara
Sunday sermons are on this prepper blog for two reasons:
the most important preparation anyone can make is preparation to go to heaven
preparation for daily living is more mental and spiritual than anything else.  If you aren’t prepared mentally and spiritually your material and physical prepping will not be nearly as effective.

(This is not intended to replace going to church and hearing a sermon in person.  Getting in an extra sermon is always good for me personally.)

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