Thursday, November 15, 2012

Prepping for the Present and Future

Prepping Can Be Divided into Everyday Prepping and Future Prepping

Barbara Henderson

 Are you a little on the concerned side regarding the future?  Maybe you are so concerned about today and tomorrow that you can’t really pay a lot of attention to much beyond that.  Why not take a few minutes to consider what you can do to make sure you are as well prepared as possible for today and the unknown future.

First, when facing anxiety or stressful situations you always need to remind yourself of who you are.  Remember your self-definition, self-discipline, and self-reliance. (If you haven’t already sat down and settled these things they are covered in the first three chapters of my book – Everyday Prepping for Beginners) Of course your self-reliance is really between you and God.  You want to do everything you can while relying on God to help you get it done and direct your path.  You don’t want to rely on the government. You are an individualist – not a collectivist! You definitely want to avoid the false help offered by the government.  After Hurricane Sandy there were reports of people going to FEMA shelters and not being allowed to leave.  That wouldn’t have been so bad except they didn’t even have a way to charge their cell phones while they were there.  Of course that is an extreme example.  The only reason for mentioning it is to remind us all that a little practice in self-reliance and planning today may be all it takes to keep you from sitting in a cold FEMA tent wishing you had been a little better prepared. 

Now, let’s divide ‘prepping’ into the categories of ‘present’ and ‘future’.

Prepping for the present is simply doing things a few days, hours, or even minutes in advance that will make things go smoother during the day.  That’s it.  If you are a person who lays out clothes the night before, or buys groceries in bulk, or cooks extra meals to go in the freezer, then you are already a prepper!  Maybe you are the one who plans in advance how to juggle the schedules of the family to make sure no one is waiting on a ride or missing an important appointment.  What you want to do is spend a little time considering the rough spots in your day or week.  Then brain-storm with yourself or others involved regarding ways to improve the stress factor in that particular situation or repeating task.  Part of the task is always going to be mental prepping.  At some point you may have to give yourself an attitude adjustment. If it is something you simply have to deal with try to find a little humor in there somewhere.

Prepping for the future is similar.  You consider possible events that might happen in your life or in your geographical or political area and try to prepare for them in a sensible and safe manner.  In both instances you are trying to make it possible to safely and cheerfully live your life.

Something people often fail to consider is that when you are living through a difficult situation, whether it is something in your normal life or a natural disaster, is that every day is part of your life.  Every time period, whether good or bad, will be part of your history.  You want to make it a history you can be proud of.

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