Saturday, November 17, 2012

Which Disaster Concerns YOU PERSONALLY the Most?

Which Potential Disaster Causes You the Most Concern?
Barbara Henderson

‘Prepping for disaster’ is a very broad topic.  It can be overwhelming.  Fortunately, like any other big job the best way to get it done is to break it down into smaller tasks and just get started.  Answer the following question and begin there.

In the realm of future problems and disasters what worries you the most?
If you aren’t worried about the future I would like to give you a few things to worry about.  After all, it just isn’t normal not to have something to worry about.  Ask yourself if you should be worried about any or all of the following:
Economic down-turns or even total collapse?
Pandemics with no known treatment?
Food shortages?
Lengthy power outage?
Tidal wave/tsunami?
Something else?

Pick a disaster and start to work on prepping for that particular problem.  Keep in mind that prepping for one disaster will likely be somewhat useful in other disasters. 

If I were picking a ‘first disaster’ I would start with food storage.  Food would be good in any situation that allowed you to stay in your home.  Having extra food would also be good for personal problems that tightened the budget or simple scheduling problems that made getting to the store difficult.  Remember that stored food is really only useful when it is food you and your family will actually eat.

In addition to stock-piling food you would also want to stock up on basic first aid items and gallons of water.

Don’t rush out and purchase a lot of things to begin with.  Start with storing more of what you use already.

Topics ‘Prepper Central’ will address in the future are:
Power sources

Have a good day – and remember  ‘GET READY NOW’.

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